Miscellaneous Maps

The Salish Sea

A map of the 'Salish Sea' (the inland marine waters of British Columbia and Washington). Includes elevation (with a hillshade effect added), bathymetry (with a 'floorshade' effect added) and the watershed boundaries. Note the exclusion of national or state borders... (Salish Sea map page - with high & low resolution versions and information about the map...)

The Salish Sea


The "Central Salish Sea"

My favorite parts of the Salish Sea (just the central region). 1:500,000 scale.

Central Salish Sea


Alternate "Central Salish Sea"

Similar map as above but zoomed in a bit more - the heart of the Central Salish Sea - my favorite areas... (1:350,000 scale instead of 1:500.000)

Central Salish Sea (small)


1850's San Juan Islands

This map was adapted from a student project from my cartography class (Ramon Feskens, see original map).

San Juan Isalnds, 1850


White Christmas Map

A map from an Atlas of Washington State (most of the maps were done by students at WWU). The atlas is aimed at kids in grades 4-8.

White Christmas Probability for WA State


Washington - Oregon Territory Map

History of the Oregon and Washington Territories Another map from the Washington Atlas project.


Northern Puget Sound (Bathymetry and NOAA Nautical Charts)

A demonstration map illustrating the combination of NOAA bathymetry (from WA DFW, also used to create a 'floorshade' effect), NOAA nautical charts and USGS elevation data (used to create a hillshade effect). Very quick production time.

Bathymetry Demo Map


Fairhaven College Households (circa 1975-1990)

This map was done for the Fairhaven College 40th reunion (2010). In the 1970's and '80's (and to a lesser extent to this day) student households were named, in part due to the transient nature of the inhabitants, creating a situation where it was easier to describe a location by name than by who lived there at any given moment.

By no means a complete account of all of the households, this map contains over 100 houses or household name iterations (many evolved over time). See also the list of houses.

FAirhaven College Households


Indian Ocean Earthquake (2004 Tsunami)

This map was produced for the International Tsunami Museum in Thailand in conjunction with Dr. David Satler (WWU faculty).

Indian Ocean Earthquake


And a few other maps I've been involved with... (an incomplete sample):

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