Judy Pine





ANTH 247

Introduction to Linguistic Anth (sample syllabus)

elderly Lahu woman
Elderly Lahu Women
ANTH 303

Qualitative Methods in Anthropology (sample syllabus)

ANTH 347

Ethnography of Communication (sample syllabus)

ANTH 362

Peoples of Asia (sample syllabus)

ANTH 447 / ANTH 547

Semiotic Anthropology

ANTH 463 / ANTH 563

Peoples of East and SE Asia (sample syllabus)

ANTH 490

Senior Seminar - Endangered Languages (sample syllabus)

ANTH 490

Senior Seminar - Gender and Language (sample syllabus)

ANTH 495

Teach & Learn Process in Anthropology (sample syllabus)