M.J. Mosher

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M.J. Mosher
Assistant Professor


Department of Anthropology
Western Washington University
Artnzen Hall 324


P 360.650.3614
F 360.650.7668

Email m.j.mosher@wwu.edu

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About Me

Dr. Mosher combined a background in obstetrics with a PhD in anthropological genetics from the University of Kansas. She now focuses on the area of nutrigenomics, examining the role of diet and epigenetics as they impact evolution, adaptation and disease. She is currently teaching nutrition and human variation at Western Washington University and was elected to the AAAG Executive Committee for the American Association of Anthropological Genetics.

Favorite Quote

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We must learn to live together as brothers, or perish together as fools.

-- Martin Luther King

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Courses I teach

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I am currently teaching Ecology of Human Variation
Ethics of Anth Genetics and....



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