Jim DeWilde

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360-650-4634 (daytime) 360-733-5901 (evening) 360-678-2546 (cell)

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Detailed Resume


Summary of Qualifications


•                    27 years of supervisory experience in higher education with progressively increasing responsibility.

•                    17 years of financial aid experience across multiple departmental functions.

•                    Innovated counseling team training and procedural documentation.

•                    Served in leadership roles for professional organizations.

•                    Improved work study funds management to maximize student financial opportunity and minimize institutional liability.

•                    Improved FAFSA verification efficiency through data-driven decision making.

•                    Performed community service activities via College Goal Sunday and High School Advising Night events.


Professional and Higher Education Experience


Feb 2003


Associate Director, Financial Aid Department

Western Washington University, Bellingham, WA.


Key financial aid administrator position in the Financial Aid Department. Resolve extreme student or family aid eligibility issues of exceptional financial need or suspected fraud. Assist in developing departmental policy and maintaining department’s policies and procedures publication. Managerial responsibility for Financial Aid Services Center, Student Employment Center, Scholarship Center, and Information Technology. Develop Cost of Attendance budgets, facilitate Counseling Team, assign counselor file loads, and analyze ISIR records for QA verification modification. Liaison with U.S. Department of Education, Region X, and with Washington Student Achievement Council (WSAC) for policy interpretation. Veterans Outreach liaison. Oversee $1.8 million federal, state, and institutional work study program. Provide policy notes for legislative inquiries.


Directly supervise Assistant Director, two Managers, and an Information Technology Specialist 3.


Innovated delivery of Counseling Team policy and procedure documentation using OneNote to achieve ease of access to information in a collaborative environment supporting multiple content editors. Key contributor to the successful transition to a paperless office environment. Provided staff training and development on electronic desktop concepts. Formed, trained, and developed procedures for the Hot Shot Verification Team contributing to task relief for counselors.


Jul 2000

Jan 2003

Senior Assistant Director, Student Financial Resources

Western Washington University, Bellingham, WA.


Responsible for Student Employment Center and Volunteer Community Services Program; oversight responsibility for Information & Services office. Routinely performed financial aid counseling, file review, and verification duties.  Fund manager for Federal Job Location & Development budget.  Provided funds management for $1.5 million federal work study and state work study program. Successfully met federal work study community service earnings requirements. Fostered strong working relationships with Higher Education Coordinating Board (now called WSAC) State Work Study staff.


Directly supervised fulltime Program Coordinator and graduate intern; served as lead for administrative exempt Assistant Director of Client Services; indirectly supervised student employee staff.


Coordinated Federal Quality Assurance program and the Experimental Sites program. Met federal reporting deadlines required of program participation. Implemented new Federal Quality Assurance software requiring extensive data query and report writing activities.


Gathered extensive data on federal direct loan disbursements and student enrollments to determine whether participation in the loan disbursement experiments impact student default rates. Successfully guided the Experimental Sites transition from narrative-based reporting format to numerical-based spreadsheet reporting format.


Supported environment of innovation leading to enhancements such as on-line summer financial aid application, financial aid procedures website, Student Contribution Adjustment mailing list web form, migration of student employment job posting platform from MS Access database to more productive postgreSQL database, work study job description web form, and school principal job approval form.


Jul 1998

Jun 2000

Assistant Director, Student Financial Resources

Western Washington University, Bellingham, WA.


Innovated student employment job posting process from typewriter-centered operation to MS Access database input and reporting system.  Used database to post jobs on the internet.  Guided development of student employment web page. Led task force to fundamentally change the student employment wage schedule adjustment process. Credited by supervisors of student employees for changing the work study awarding policy to allow students to continue their out-of-classroom learning experience.


Significantly increased federal work study reading tutor earnings in support of AmericaReads goals; secured and expended supplemental state work study funding for Western students.


Collaborated with staff to bring student development theory into satisfactory academic progress (SAP) policy implementation by including in SAP petition responses information about variety of student assistance resources.  Assisted in redesigning SAP petitions to communicate to students an expectation of behavioral changes to improve academic performance.


Created and maintained web sites including Quality Assurance Program Project Web, and Student Employee Wage Schedule Task Force Project Web. Encouraged wide staff participation in Quality Assurance Management Enhancement reporting.


Funded high-end computer server allowing increased flexibility in web site development.  Contributed to development of web-based local area network giving office staff online access to policies, procedures, and forms.



Jul 1993

Jun 1998

Assistant Director, Academic Advising Services

Western Washington University, Bellingham, WA.


Multifaceted position managing the Academic Advising Services budget status and reporting process, Collegiate Writer word processing project, Tutorial Center operations, Transfer Student Advising program, and office computer resources.  Used accounting documentation (including state, self-sustaining, and Foundation funds), purchase orders, field orders, invoices, and billing statements to reconcile budgets and to plan and monitor expenses; worked closely with staff in Accounting Services, Purchasing, and Student Fiscal Services to make any required correcting transactions; instructed staff on using applications such as MS Word, Excel, E-mail, ftp software, and various Hydra/Unix features.


Aug 1988

Jun 1993

Coordinator, Tutorial Center

Western Washington University, Bellingham, WA.


Directly supervised professional staff including computer programmer (administrative exempt position) and Program Assistant II, and 25 student staff; responsible for hiring, training, motivating, and evaluating employees; innovated tutorial services to nearly triple annual student contacts from 5,000 in 1987 to 14,000 1998.


Developed computerized office budget and record-keeping systems; managed Collegiate Writer (CW) software project; produced CW financial statements and provided inventory control.


Sep 1987

Aug 1988

Program Assistant II, Tutorial Center

Western Washington University, Bellingham, WA.


Provided training and scheduling support for 25 student employees; developed office filing and communication systems. Developed computer-based procedures for tracking and forecasting student employee payroll.


May 1986

Jun 1987

Associate Buyer, Boeing Aerospace Company

Kent, WA.


Negotiated and awarded purchase contracts in support of material requirements; strictly adhered to government and company regulations, policies, and procedures; researched contract data to provide cost analysis for purchases; responsible for each contract from origination to completion; successfully met production line-mandated deadlines; credited with over $80,000 in cost-saving ideas; promoted to Associate Buyer in minimum time.


Oct 1976

Oct 1980

United States Air Force

Plattsburgh, NY.




Master of Business Administration

Western Washington University, Bellingham, Washington

Beta Gamma Sigma Honor Society


Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Mathematics

Western Washington University, Bellingham, Washington

Computer Skills


Ellucian Banner Financial Aid; Microsoft Office with high proficiency in Word, Excel, Access, OneNote, and PowerPoint; Nolijweb, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Camtasia, Windows Movie Maker, Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements, and phpPgAdmin.


Professional Affiliations and Memberships


National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (NASFAA)

Washington Financial Aid Association (WFAA)

Investment Committee Chair: 2015

Treasurer: 2011, 2012, 2013

Budget Committee, 2004 - 2007

National Student Employment Association (NSEA)

Student Employment Journal Review Committee, 2008, 2009

Investment Committee Chair, 2008

Vice President, Finance, 2005, 2006

Vice President, Member Services, 2004

Washington State Association of Student Employment Administrators (WSASEA)

Past-President, 2003-2004

President, 2002-2003

Listserv facilitator 2003-2015

Western Association of Student Employment Administrators (WASEA)

Washington State Liaison to WASEA 2004 - 2007

Professional Staff Organization (PSO), c. 1997, 1998, Western Washington University

Executive Committee, Student Affairs Representative; listserv founder and facilitator


Awards and Honors


2008 – Exceptional Effort Award, Western Washington University

2006 - Margene Orzalli Memorial Award, National Student Employment Association

2005 - President's Award, National Student Employment Association.

2003-2004 - WFAA Committee of the Year, Student Budgets Committee member, Washington Financial Aid Association

2000 - WWU Service Learning Certificate of Appreciation.

1993 - Western Idea Network (WIN) award for best idea of the year, WWU.

1992 - Beta Gamma Sigma Honor Society, top fifth of MBA class, WWU.

1986 - Selected as Commissioned Officer Candidate, Washington Air National Guard.

1986 - 90 Plus Honor Roll, Washington Air National Guard.


Committee Work


Academic Care Team (ACT), 2012-2015; cross-functional team of administrators focusing on significant student cases needing coordinated approach for problem resolution.

Campus Loan Manager Implementation Team, 2013; Ellucian software package implementation to bring loan collection process and Perkins Loan management in-house from outside vendor.

Student Business Office Refunding Task Force, 2011-2012; gather student feedback to improve newly implemented refunding process outsourced to HigherOne. Identified improvements which led to successfully negotiated changes in the outsource contract.

Departmentally Related Advisory Committee (DRAC), October 1993 - present, WWU.  Review DRAC constituent budget proposals; make budget allotment decisions for Student Activity fees applied to departments.

WWU Hiring Committee Chair

Financial Aid Manager, Student Employment Center; 2015

Admissions & Financial Aid Department, Counselor; 2012

Information Technology Specialist 2; 2007

Program Coordinator, Student Employment Center; 2007

Financial Aid Information & Services Manager; 2000


Student Employment Wage Schedule Task Force, January 1999 – May 1999.

Assistant Vice President, Division of Student Affairs, Hiring Committee; Dec. 2000

Retirement Investment Benefits Committee, Exempt Professional Staff, 1996-97

Administrators Association Executive Committee, 1994-95

Hiring Committee, University Residences Assistant Director, 1994

Administrators Association Subcommittee for Retirement Benefits Options, November 1993, WWU.

Co-Chair, Student Affairs Division Staff Development Committee, October 1992 - June 1993

ACT Survey Response Team, November 1992 - March 1993

Hiring Committee, Writing Center Assistant Director, 1992

Nakama I, II & XV Student Affairs Conference Planning Committee, 1989, 1990 & 2003

Sequent Users Group Secretary, August 1989 through June 1990

Hiring Committee, Academic Advising Center Coordinator, 1990

Sequent Computer Users Group Steering Committee, 1989



Work Study Fund Management -- Minimizing the Risk, Improving the Opportunity, May 2013, Washington Association of Student Employment Administrators (WSASEA).

Financial Assistance for RN-to-BSN Candidates, January 2013, Western Washington University.

Financial Aid Goes Paperless! Embrace the Change, September 2011, WWU Division of Student Affairs Nakama Conference. Co-presented on document imaging, workflow, and staff training.

Academic Adviser Orientation to new Federal Financial Aid Requirements: Pace, GPA, and Repeat Coursework, July 2011, Western Washington University.

Going Paperless, October 2010, Washington Financial Aid Administrators Association (WFAA). Panel presentation on document imaging, workflow, and staff training.

Western Leadership Advantage VIP Financial Planning Workshop, Western Washington University, June 2008, February 2009.

Work Study Best Practices Panel -- funds management practices for full utilization. National Student Employment Association, October 2007.

Action! Creating Staff Training Videos (and fun family ones, too). National Student Employment Association, October 2007. Nakama Student Affairs Division Conference, Bellingham, WA, September 2007.

Financial Planning for Grads -- An overview of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and retirement planning to prepare graduates to begin the savings and investment process. Western Washington University, May 2006.

What are stocks? What are bonds? And why should I care? Personal Financial Planning for Beta Alpha Psi Accounting Society MoneySense financial literacy series, 2006, 2007, 2008.

How Much Does a Pizza Cost? Student Debt Management and Financial Planning,

WWU New Student Orientation, annually, 2005 - 2015.

Work Study Fund Management -- Minimizing the Risk, Improving the Opportunity, November 2003, National Student Employment Administrators Association (NSEA).

Student Employment Supervisors Policies & Procedures Orientation; July 2003.

Show Me the Numbers -- A detailed look at Work-Study Funds Management.

Examination of work study funds management tools to produce the data needed in funds management decision-making, May 2003, Washington Student Employment Administrators Association (WSASEA).

Academic Support Services presentation; collaborated with colleagues to introduce Student Financial Resources to the organization in an engaging format; May 2002

Financing Your Education, 1998 – 2015; presentations at a variety of events including high school informational workshops, WWU Beta Alpha Psi Accounting Society Money Sense financial literacy series.

Working Your Way Through Western, 1998 – 2012; new student orientation workshop informing students of part-time employment opportunities and important job search tips.

Washington High School Counselors financial aid briefing, September 2000.

Investing in Bonds, July 1997, Investment Club, Bellingham, WA.

Taught Management 312, Behavioral Process for Management, WWU, Summer 1995. 300-level course for College of Business & Economics students designed to teach managerial skills.

Conflict Management and Negotiation Skills, May 1993, Co-presenter, Student Affairs Division Staff Development Series, WWU

Native American Mentoring Project Tutor Training, February 1993, WWU.  Presented tutoring techniques and modeling to tutors working with Whatcom Middle School Native American students. 

LINK Volunteers Tutor Training, October 1993, LINK Program, WWU.

Time Management & University 101, October 1992, WWU.  Presentation for University 101 instructors on Tutorial Center model of time management instruction.

Study Skills for Athletes, September 1992, Freshmen Football Team Members, WWU.  Topics included text comprehension, time management, and effective note-taking and test-taking strategies.

MUTUAL FUNDamentals, September 1992, Nakama IV Student Affairs Conference, Whidbey Island.  Workshop on stock mutual funds and their role in investing for supplemental retirement income.

MUTUAL FUNDamentals, August 1992, National Association of Academic Advisers Conference, Harrison Hot Springs, B.C.

Computers in the Classroom, October 1991, College Reading and Learning Association, Spokane.

Essential Survival Series, February 1991, WWU. Time Management Presentation.

Enhancing Supervisory Skills, May 1990, WWU. Workshop for Supervisors of Student Employees; panel member discussing paraprofessional development.


Training and Workshops Attended


WWU Enrollment & Student Services Division Mid-Level Managers Training, 2015

NASFAA Leadership Conference & Legislative Symposium, March 2013.

Federal Student Aid Conference (formerly called Electronic Access Conference), annually 2002-2015

National Student Employment Association (NSEA) Conference, 2002, 2003, 2005, 2007, 2011

Quality Assurance Program (QAP) Conference, Federal Student Aid, 2000, 2001, 2002

State Aid Workshop, Washington Higher Education Coordinating Board, 1999, 2004, 2005, 2010, 2015

U.S. Department of Education, Region X, Regulatory Update, 2011

Washington Financial Aid Association (WFAA) Conference, 2004, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

Washington State Association of Student Employment Administrators (WSASEA) Conference/Town Meeting, 1999, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004

Western Association of Student Employment Administrators (WASEA) 1999, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2005,

Western Association of Student Financial Administrators (WASFAA) Conference, 2001, 2005, 2006, 2008


Interests and Hobbies


Finance and investing

Tree farming and gardening

Social gatherings

Home computer networking