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ENVS-320 - Introduction to GIS - Spring 2013


Registration Note:

The official 'prerequisite' for this course is Huxley Major Status. Non-Huxley majors wishing to take the class should contact Natasha (and/or Diane Knutson at 650-2817) to get on the wait list). Prospective students are also encouraged to review the recommended pre-requisites page.



Location: AH-16 (SAL)

Quick Links:

Time: W, F 10:00-11:50

ENVS-320 class folder


What All Good Maps Must Have

Instructor:  Natasha Antonova

Cartography Tips

Office:     AH 209

ArcMap File Management


ENVS-320 Terms to Know / Summary / Review

Office hours: W, F 12:00-1:00 or by appointment

ArcGIS DFD Examples 

Connecting to the J:\ or U:\ drive (if not in AH-16)

Teaching Assistant: Josh Jones


Office: AH-16

WIKI GIS Dictionary


ESRI ArcGIS Help (Web version)

Office hrs: Tue: 12-1 & 4-5 pm

                 Thu: 12-1 pm




In Brief: (see Syllabus for details)


         Assignments (see below and Schedule) due at beginning of class (Natasha's box in AH217 or before class)

o   Late assignments 15% off

o   Late assignments more than 1 week late = 0 pts.

         Two Midterms  (take-home)

         Text book NOT REQUIRED

         Course readings will be provided online

         Lab book required for final project and strongly recommended for labs (See Lab Book Examples)

         ESRI Virtual Campus  (notes on using the virtual campus)  (Data for Learning ArcGIS 10)

         Final - Thursday 6/13/2013 - 10:30-12:30 - both on & off screen (open book, open computer)



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