Dr. Joan Stevenson



Dr. Stevenson got her MA and PhD in anthropological genetics of European populations as represented by immigrants to the USA while working wit the immunologists, Dr. Rene Duquesnoy for the MA and biological anthropologist and forensic anthropologist/immunogeneticist, Dr. Moses Schanfield for the PhD. Minimal lab support necessitated switching to research foci that could be supported in a Department with a heavy teaching load for the single physical anthropologist until 1990. Two sabbaticals took her to Kansas to exploit the demographic data of Dr. Michael Crawford which she also shared with students. She published a now out of date volume on the history of concepts in physical anthropology in 1991. She has also published a series of articles with colleagues and student on Mennonite demography, the evolution and human biology of ADHD, a statistical tool for sexing skulls, disease ecological impacts on Seward Peninsula peoples, and the community-building nature of the production of pottery in the US Southwestern pueblos.

Her diverse research interests are an asset as a medical anthropologist lately interested in food allergies and the neglect of diet in the treatment of a variety of pathologies in the USA. She also teaches forensic anthropology/human osteology, basic statistics/research design, medical anthropology, human evolution, and introductory physical anthropology. She co-advises biology/anthropology majors and the biocultural track in the Anthropology Department, all of which are popular preparations for applied health careers.

Western Washington University